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Lemon Detox Drinks

The relationship between Lemon and Detoxing.

Lemon is a very powerful cleansing fruits that contains high vitamin C and potassium content which is one of the top fruits that protect against infection.

Not only that they are top fruits in cleansing out body especially our liver and kidyney. Which these two organ are very vital in detoxing our body.

Therefore, Lemon is extremely good for flushing toxins out of our body. But remember never take lemon alone because by taking lemon alone it is really bad for our teeth.

lemon detox drinks diet

Lemon Detox Drinks 1

(Every morning the moment you wake up)


1. 1 cup of warm water
2. 1 Fresh Lemon

Making Method:

Step 1: Squeeze the lemon into the water.

Step 2: Stir Well and Ready to serve

Lemon Detox Drinks 2


1. 2 Fresh Lemon
2. 100g of cabbage
3. 60cc of Honey

Making Method:

Step 1: Wash and Cut the lemons into half, squeeze the lemon into a cup.

Step 2: Cut the cabbage into cube

Step 3: Put the cube cabbage into the clean blender and add in 60cc of cold water. Blend together cabbage and water together using 3 horsepower blender.

Step 4: Fliter away the cabbage residue and pour it into the cup of lemon juice.

Step 5: Then add in 60 cc of honey to the cup of cabbage and lemon juice mix.

Step 6: Stir Well and Ready to serve

Lemon Detox Drinks 3


1. 4 Fresh Lemon
2. 60cc Maple Syrup

Making Method:

Step 1: Squeeze the 4 lemons into a cup

Step 2: Add 120cc of water into the concentrated lemon juice

Step 3: Add 60cc Maple Syrup

Step 4: Stir Well and Ready to serve