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Grape Detox Drinks

Grapes has the ability to treat indigestion, constipation, fatigue, kidney disorders, macular degeneration and prevention of cataract. Grapes are delicious and are rich in Vitamin A, C, B6 and folate in addition to essential minerals like selenium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. The most powerful nutrients of grape is flavonoids which is a very powerful antioxidants, which able to reduce slacken aging and reduce the damage caused by free radicals.

Grapes, owing to their high nutrient content, play an important role in ensuring a healthy and robust life.

Grapes are considered as natural laxative. Grapes are very effective in overcoming constipation as they contain cellulose, sugar and organic acid. Best they also relieve chronic constipation by toning up intestine and stomach.

Grapes also play an important role in indigestion by helping relieve heat, cure indigestion and irritation of the stomach. Additional, grapes can reduce acidity of the uric acid helping reducing work of kidneys.

Grapes also contains pterostilbene and saponins, in grapes skin, that greatly reduce cholesterol.

grapes Detox Drinks

Grape Detox Drinks 1


1. 150g of Grapes
2. 1 to 2 Lemon
3. 150cc of Yogurt
4. 5cc of Fruit Syrup

Making Method:

Step 1: Blend 150g of Grapes & 150cc of Yogurt together & 2 Freshly Squeeze Lemon Juice using 3 horsepower blender

Step 2: Then add 5cc of Fruit Syrup to the prepared juice.

Step 3: Stir Well & Ready to Serve

Grape Detox Drinks 2


1. 150g of grapes
2. 15cc Low-Fat Fresh Milk
3. 5cc of Honey

Making Method:

Step 1: Blend 150g of Grapes with 120cc of water using 3 horsepower blender. Pour into a Cup

Step 2: Add 15cc of Low-Fat Fresh Milk to a Bowl & Stir till Foam Forms

Step 3: Add 5cc of Honey Lemon and Foam Milk into Blend Grape Juice

Step 4: Stir Well and Ready to serve

Grape Detox Drinks 3


1. 150g of Grapes
2. 1 Banana
3. 100cc of Fresh Milk
4. 10cc of Honey

Making Method:

Step 1: Peel and Cut Banana

Step 2: Blend 150g of Grapes, Banana & 100cc of Low-Fat Fresh Milk using 3 horsepower blender and Pour into the Cup

Step 3: Then add 10cc of Honey

Step 4: Stir Well and Ready to serve