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How can We Detox our Body?

Colon and Liver Health is crucial to flush the toxins that we had build up over the years. So how can we flush toxins in our body by promoting colon and liver health? We can flush toxins by eating the right fruits and vegetables. Fruit and Vegetables contains lots of nutrients, mineral, fiber and anti-oxidant that can help flush toxins out of our body effectively. It will also helps prevent toxins from being re-absorbed into our bloodstream. Lets start cleansing our body now.

One Day Detox Drinks Cleansing Diet

One day juice fasting is a great way to start detox and cleanse our body. It not only have rejuvenating our body, it aids to expel the deep-rooted toxins. Which improve our skins. Before you start your one day cleanse, you can start by drinking more fruit juices and consume more vegetables and expect to lose a pound a day.

Before Fasting Day: Have 6 cup of juices and add vegetables to your diet per day.

Here is your one day detox cleanse jucie diet:

Fasting Day
Morning: 2 Large Cup of Juices (1 fruit base & 1 vegetable base)
Afternoon: 2 Large Cup of Juices(1 fruit base & 1 vegetable base)
Dinner: 2 Large Cup of Juices (your choices)

After Fasting Day:
Continue to have 6 cup of juices and add vegetables in your diet daily

By the 3rd day, you should see some significant changes to your body. You should have increase your daily bowel movements naturally to clear the toxins our of your body. Best to have more then once bowel movement per day.

* Remember to cut down processed foods from your diet and start eating real food now

Things to take note when making Detox Drinks Cleansing Juice?

detox diet 1. Follow our recipes, but if you want to try your own recipes. Is best to mix 2 to 3 different typs of fruit and vegetable to have a good variety of different nutrients.

2. Blend with Fruit Skin because it contains lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

3. Clean the fruit and vegetable properly as there might still be fertilizer left which is definately not good for our body.

4. Never use mineral water as they contains lots of various chemical.

5. Different Fruits have different nutritional values and detox function. Have at least 3 - 6 Cups of Different Cleanse Juices a day. (This will help you cleanse your body by making sure you have regular bowel movements everyday, which is crucial for detoxing your body)

6. Warning: Never Use Laxative, using pills always has side effects (if overuse it can lead to intestinal paralysis, irritable bowel syndrome , pancreatitis,renal failure).

7. The best thing about natural master cleanse detox is you will never feel headache or unwell. You can feel refresh and detox our body everytime you follow the one-day detox schedule. Lets start cleaning our body and loss weight now.


Our Body, Nature Fruits and Vegetables are the best tool to help us detox. What we want is to promote bowel movements naturally to our body.

Why Fruits and Vegetable are able to detox and cleanse our body?

Fruits and Vegetable are very good natural detoxifiers that contains many good beneficial elements that benefits our bodies including: -

1. Antioxidants
2. Minerals
3. Enzymes
4. Vitamins

Different types of fruit and vegetable has different cleansing effect to the different parts of our body. Which is why fruits and vegetables are able to help us cleanse our body the natural way. In this websites, we includes different fruit and vegetable cleanse recipes that helps to cleanse our body.

When & How to Drink Cleansing Juice the right way?

1. Always consume juice residue together with juice. Don't throw away because the residue contains Lots of Different Nutrients and they are Full of Vitamins. Which helps to promote digestion and the function of stomach and intestine. Further, the residue contains lots of Fibers which will help bowel movements and also the best solution for constipation.

2. Stir and Drink immediately after blend because fruits and vegetable turn sour easily and the vitamins, nutrients, minerals of the fruit and vegetable will be lost if the juice is left too long before consumption.

3. Drink the cleansing juice 30mins before meals with a delight mood so that our body can fully absorb the vitamins, nutrients, minerals of the fruit and vegetable.

Ways to Wash and Clean your Fruit and Vegetable?

(Always wash fruits and vegetables before consume)

Method 1. Put the fruits and vegetable in Salt Water and put it under running water for 3 - 5 mins. (reuse the water for daily household chores)

Method 2. Use a brush to clean the fruits and vegetable in warm water.

How to blend cleansing Juice the right way

Blending fruit juice with blender that has 3 Horsepower is essential in getting the best nutrients out of the fruits.


Because 3 Horsepower Blender has the most powerful motor that enable the blender to blend fruits the right way and even able to blend the seeds. Seeds which contains the most nutrients of the fruits. Always blend seeds together with the fruits. Example apple seeds, kiwi seeds etc but do not blend extremely big seed like the avocado.

The disadvantage - price of 3 Horsepower Blender is on the high end side.

Free Blood Cleanse Recipes


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